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What to do when ICE is at the door

ICE has become a prominent institution within the last couple of years. Earlier this year, one ICE raid in northern Texas and Oklahoma resulted in the arrests of 86 people. While ICE has been effective at finding criminals, many people the organization targets are simply in the United States illegally. 

ICE has detained and deported numerous people over the years, including those who came over to the country when they were young. If you worry about ICE potentially knocking at your door, it is important to understand your rights. 

Applying for a fiancé visa? Beware of these challenges.

In 2017, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services received more than 55,000 applications for K-1 fiancé visas. Of these applications, more than 20,500 were refused. The K-1 visa rejection rate has been climbing in recent years—representing one of the highest refusal rates of any U.S. visa.

Government officials are becoming extremely wary that foreign individuals will use illegitimate marriage as a means of entering the country. For this reason, it’s particularly important to dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s when you submit your application—in order to create the strongest possible case for yourself. In this post, we provide a few key factors that immigration authorities will examine closely:

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