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What to do when ICE is at the door

ICE has become a prominent institution within the last couple of years. Earlier this year, one ICE raid in northern Texas and Oklahoma resulted in the arrests of 86 people. While ICE has been effective at finding criminals, many people the organization targets are simply in the United States illegally. 

ICE has detained and deported numerous people over the years, including those who came over to the country when they were young. If you worry about ICE potentially knocking at your door, it is important to understand your rights. 

You do not have to let ICE agents inside your home

The only way members of ICE can enter a building without the owner's permission is if they have a warrant. When you hear knocking, you can ask through the closed door which agency the people are with. You have a right to ask the officer if he or she has a warrant. In the event the response is "Yes," then you should ask to see the warrant. The officer can do this by sliding it under the door. Do not open the door at this point. 

Review documentation

You will want to examine the document thoroughly to make sure it checks out. There are a few items you want to ensure are present. The warrant should feature your name and address, and it should also clearly state that a court issued the warrant. If U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued the warrant, then it is incomplete. 

Steps for when the warrant appears legitimate

You also want to check to see if the court issued your arrest or issued a search of your home. If it is an issue for your arrest and appears valid, then you should go outside to meet with the agents. Letting them inside your home may not be necessary, and you may put other people at risk. 

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