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3 common reasons for deportation

The United States welcomes close to one million immigrants every year. There is a reason so many people want to come to this country and start new lives. Jobs, economic freedom and social opportunities all attract people who want to create a better life. For many immigrants, though — including those who immigrate legally — deportation looms as a constant threat and fear.

Deportation refers to the process of removing a foreigner from a country and returning him or her to the country of origin. The following are some of the reasons why an immigrant may be subject to deportation from Texas or any other state in the United States.  

Criminal activity

If law enforcement arrests an immigrant on suspicion of committing a crime, the immigrant may face deportation. This is especially true for undocumented immigrants. If the criminal justice process reveals that the individual did not immigrate by legal means, he or she may face deportation for that reason alone. Documented immigrants found guilty of a crime may also be deported. 

Violation of visa

Immigrants who are in the United States on a visa are subject to strict regulations dictating the terms of their residency. According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, for example, you can maintain permanent resident status so long as you adhere to the standards imposed on permanent citizens. Failure to do so, however, can easily result in the loss of your resident status and eventual deportation. 

Receiving public aid

Immigrants who are in the United States on a green card are ineligible to receive public aid within the first five years of their residency. Public aid may include welfare, food assistance and other forms of assistance. There is an exception if there is proof that the circumstances necessitating aid emerged after immigration. In all other cases, though, violation of this rule can result in criminal charges that then necessitate deportation.

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